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it's hard to sell a job

It has been on my mind lately that what I’m building here at Dot & Lil can be thought of in many ways. Back when I was reading E-Myth, I thought and wrote a lot about building a business as a system. I still consider that a lot, as I go about the work of building Dot & Lil. Lately though, I find myself thinking about businesses versus jobs. After Seth Godin posted about ita few weeks ago, I gave...

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big goals and constant self-development

The more I try and grow my business, the more I realize that to do so involves work on myself, constant self-development. The more I work on myself, the more successful my business will be. Part of the reason I want to build a soap EMPIRE? I know that to run a business of the size I dream about requires me to constantly strive to be better and to honestly look at all the ways I can improve and be...

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how could i not

Seth Godin's blog post today starts with a question from someone he refers to as JK, who asks: "It's like, how does anyone start their own business? How is it even possible? How do they deal with the crippling fear and harsh economic realities?"

JK is right: it seems impossible. Like a mountain the top of which cannot even be seen. I struggle every day to keep myself motivated, to stop myself...

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hope and magic

I know I've talked about Seth Godin before, Did this post ever just speak directly to me, in terms of what I'm feeling with my business these days.

"If your business or your music or your art or your project is truly worth your energy and your passion, then don't sell it short by putting its future into a lottery ticket.", he says. And I see what he means. It's easy, sometimes, to get a...

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