today; a (somewhat cheesy) list of thankfulness


it is a beautiful Montreal day.
my business is growing.
lilacs are blooming on my back porch.
I am healthy.
I'm in love.
I love my friends and they are remarkable people.
It's my birthday tomorrow and this past year has been the best of my life.
I had Tiramisu, crumpets and strawberries for breakfast.
I've committed to my first half-marathon, and knowing I'll finish it is empowering.
my family is supportive and loving and full of strong people that I can learn from.
I know more than ever that I can do the things that I dream about doing.

.... I woke up feeling thankful. And then I received Seth Godin's blog post, which I receive via email, "Odds and Ends" in which he recommends this blog, . So thank you to Seth Godin for the recommendation , and thank you to Leah Dieterich who writes the blog, for prompting me to share the things I am thankful for on this beautiful Sunday morning. And you should ALL check out because it's a beautiful little place!

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xoxo, Anne + the Dot & Lil Team