it's hard to sell a job

It has been on my mind lately that what I’m building here at Dot & Lil can be thought of in many ways. Back when I was reading E-Myth, I thought and wrote a lot about building a business as a system. I still consider that a lot, as I go about the work of building Dot & Lil. Lately though, I find myself thinking about businesses versus jobs. After Seth Godin posted about it a few weeks ago, I gave some serious thought to which one I myself had; is it a business, or is it a job?

For now anyway, it’s a job, and not a very stable one at that! The end goal is for Dot & Lil to be a business, something that can support me and others even if I am not a central cog in it. I want to build into something that could in theory be sold, whether or not I ever choose to sell it. After all, it’s tough to sell a job—most people don’t want one!

Dot & Lil is a job and not a business because it cannot run without me going to work. I am at this point a craftsperson who has many bosses. If I don’t choose to work, no work gets done. And boy do I ever understand what SethGodin means when he mentions "occasional interruptions to do the dreaded looking-for-work dance."

This year, there are some big projects underway at Dot & Lil. And my job in it? To do the scary, unnerving, keeps-me-up-at-night work that will eventually mean I have a business, and not a job!

What about you? Is your project a business, or a job?

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Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

maillotfoot August 25, 2016

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