carbon offsets

I have been thinking lately about sustainability in my business and it has brought me to consider carbon offsets as an option for Dot & Lil. A small carbon footprint has been part of the philosophy at Dot & Lil since day one. I have accomplished this in many ways--thoughtful packaging, local purchasing and carefully sourced ingredients.

But certainly, as an individual as well as a business, there is a certain amount of emissions that I cannot avoid, whether I am careful or not. I certainly feel responsible to the earth and try and make the right choices as I go along. It's not always clear to me what the green choices are--I suspect that often they are not the ones publicized as green.

To make sure I do things right and pick the right projects, I have been doing a fair amount of research. You can find out how to become carbon neutral along with Dot & Lil at the David Suzuki Foundation website, by reading their How to Go Carbon Neutral page.

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