coop la maison verte

I am very happy to say that since last month, Dot & Lil products are available at Coop la Maison Verte , 5785 Sherbrooke West. The Coop is a fantastic cozy spot to enjoy a fair trade coffee in Montreal's N.D.G. area, as well as track down fair trade and ecologically responsible food items and products. They're in mid-expansion, getting ready to bring you even more fantastic-ness. Check out their heirloom and organic fruit and vegetable seedlings.

It was a pretty amazing spot even before Dot & Lil came through their doors. But now...well, now they're nothing short of an eco-shopping fantasy. (I'm having a dramatic and not very modest day, can you tell?)

Coop la Maison Verte
5785 Sherbrooke West

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