if anyone knew

If anyone knew the truly trashy music that I listen to while making soap, to keep myself energized, the soap would suddenly seem way less classy. I assure you, we aren't even talking about music that is a little cheesy but that everyone would admit to. I'm talking about stuff so terrible and cheesy and manufactured and gross that I won't even admit it to my fellow cheesy music buddies. You know, the stuff that I erase my web history after searching for.

I love to dance around my kitchen, singing along at the top of my lungs while measuring out fragrance oil, shaking my bum while I clean out my molds, shedding a tear because of a sappy lyric as I dissolve clay in oil for my shaving bars. I love bopping along to ghost written songs while I cut logs of soap into bars.

I wonder if the soap would be or look or feel any different if I listened to classical music instead? Maybe, but then again maybe you wouldn't get the same happy vibe from it if I didn't do my kitchen song & dance routine while making it!

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