my washroom

Sometimes, when I have guests over and they excuse themselves to use my washroom, i hear a giggle or a laugh once they turn the light on. This is because of the "situation" around my bathroom sink...I find it a little difficult to choose just one bar of soap to use at a time, and so there are usually ten or so scattered about on various plates or soap dishes.

Especially at this time of year when I am producing different batches on a constant basis, I develop soap scent ADD! I will hold a favorite for all of a few days before darting off in an entirely new direction. Last week's all consuming satsuma obsession segues into a stint as an avid honeysuckle fan, and then I may dabble in herbals by spending a day or two enjoying coriander & lemongrass.

The way I see it, my bathroom sink is like a showroom for Dot & Lil. And if it can provide a laugh or a light-hearted moment in someone's day, then all the better! It does however create a problem, in that when someone at a show asks me how long a bar of my soap lasts, my semi-serious reaction is apt to be: "You mean, if you use just ONE? Gee, I have no idea!"

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