i love shows because

Here's the deal: there are a lot of reasons why I dislike doing shows. The packing. The inventory. The waiting. The risk. But in the end I love them. In the end, I choose to focus on the reasons I love them, the reasons I keep doing them, rather than the things that make them hard for me.

i love shows because....

....i get to see the looks on people's faces close up when they pick up the right bar of soap and the scent makes them melt a little.

....i get to talk about the things I love...all DAY?!?

...i get to listen to what people are looking for. This is invaluable. Natural, synthetic, sweeter, more exfoliating, less slimy, more fun, less expensive, higher end....it goes on and on...what do you want? I love to hear it.

...I get to talk to and interact with other crafters, business owners and entrepreneurs.

...I get the humbling, first hand experience of occasional let downs and failures that will, in the end, make me a stronger business person, salesperson, and person in general.

...I get to look at other people's work...ALWAYS fun :)

On a weekend like this one, where I have many shows and many bars of soap sit in little stacks just waiting to be sold, I'd like to think that there is a craft show deity somewhere listening to my positive thinking! If there is a carft show deity out there listening...send me someone to help with bathroom breaks, wouldya?

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