New things have come to Dot & Lil! In the past week I rolled out the new flavored lip balms, Vanilla and Rose, and two new body butters, Bergamot and Lavender. Still to come are the yet to be available new perfumes (still waiting on my shipment of bottles!!) and body scrubs.

And next week, I will be spending the day with Elise Hogberg, who took all the product pictures on my website last year, truly beautiful shots that made my products shine! She will be taking a whole new set, to keep things fresh but also because I seem to keep adding stuff!! I cannot wait to share them with you.

I won't be attending the remaining McGill Farmer's Markets on Wednesdays until the end of October, as I had planned. Check the web site for alternate show dates or to order, or check out our list of retailers!

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