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Just like the blog features I did on my market neighbours during the summer at Marché la Récré, which you can read here and here, I want to take a post to show you some of the great stuff that was on show this past weekend at Puces Pop. I love showing Dot & Lil with other Montreal crafters! Especially ones as talented as this.

Right across from me all weekend in convenient staring position for me were the creations of Squid Wool with felted animals and food that really grab your attention. My mom scored fantastic felted carrot and felted pepper brooches that she has been wearing ever since. My personal favorites are the pear, which is just too perfect, and the little mice, both pictured below, . All the items are needle felted by hand in Montreal. You guys know I'm a sucker for local handcrafted things with good design! You can follow @SquidWool on Twitter, check out the etsy shop or learn about it on the Squid Wool blog. I especially like this post which features pictures of Squid Wool felted animals in nature--amazing!

Then, in the row right behind me was Love At First Blush with leather cuffs and jewelery, perfect display and a great design sensibility that is clean, crisp and lovely! The leather feather and the flower necklaces, both below, are my favorites but I just in general love the way everything is presented! You can check out the Love At First Blush etsy shop, follow them on Twitter as @LoveAtFrstBlush or learn more about the beautiful things Sabrina, Love At First Blush's designer, makes on their blog.

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