for as long as I live

This was a long weekend for me. Mad dash of preparing for a show. All weekend on my feet talking, selling, meeting people. Dragging boxes of ridiculously heavy soap up my unfortunately very Montreal stairs. And at night, I did the work of making. The work that brings all the Dot & Lil stuff into the world. The birthing of the bath products, to put it overly poetically.

Came home this evening and cranked out a batch of Lavender Bath Truffles so large that my essential oil supplier's children will be well fed for months to come. I couldn't possibly do one other thing, I am exhausted. And I love this feeling! Crawling into bed, with my back aching a little and my feet tired, but feeling a true sense of having filled my day with as much work of a kind that I love as I possibly could? Nothing beats that. Truly.

Someone asked me a few days ago what I saw Dot & Lil becoming, how far I wanted it to go, how big my dream was. I struggled to answer, because I happened to be having a rare day where nothing seemed quite right, where I let the weight of my mission get to me. And while I have fully recovered (hello, burning desire to build a massive soap empire, where were you when your time to be spoken about came??) it occurred to me that what I really want, in Dot & Lil and my life more generally, is for this sense of being driven towards something I absolutely want to never end. I want to feel this passionate about something for as long as I live. Cheesy? You bet. But nothing can beat it.

And days where I fall into bed exhausted and thrilled and proud of my progress and hungry for all the little successes I see coming my way...they're my sign that I'm doing something right. Here's to more beautiful, tired days!

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