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Over the past few weeks body butters have been the best-sellers at any show I've done. I guess it's the change in weather in this lovely cold country of ours, but people seem to be loving the rich moisture and skin protective qualities of Dot & Lil body butter at this time of year!

Our body butter is anhydrous, meaning it contains no water, allowing me to formulate it without a preservative. It also means there's literally nothing but rich butters and penetrating oils in there to take away from it's ability to hydrate your skin. Some body butters on the market are what's known as "emulsified" body butters. This means they're an emulsion of oil and water, and require a preservative to stay fresh. They're like lotion, only formulated to be a little thicker. If you've tried the Dot & Lil body butters, you know they're much thicker than a lotion, and firmer. You scoop a bit out of the container and rub it in your hands to soften it. There's really nothing like it when it comes to sealing in moisture and protection from the elements!

It's a very straightforward product, and that's one of the things I love about it. It contains only shea butter, almond oil, vitamin e and fragrance oil or essential oil, with a bit of corn starch which helps your skin absorb it faster.

Sometimes, simple is best! Dot & Lil body butters are available in Satsuma, Lily of the Valley, Lavender and Bergamot here.

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