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So, please forgive the sub-par pictures. There's a reason I get them done professionally usually! The pro pics will be ready soon, but until then I thought you might like to see what's up!

Rose lip gloss. Subtly sweetened and rose flavored and with crazy glide and moisture. New glass packaging. New labels. Ever so slightly tinted. It's available here

Vanilla lip gloss. Sweet, warm, vanilla with lots of glide, lots of hydration for your lips, and more tinted than the rose flavor. Track it down by clicking here

And this one I'm so excited about! Here's Dot & Lil Vanilla soap for the first time! It has ground chamomile flowers in it, and I love the way it looks...but be warned it will darken, as vanilla soaps always do...wish it would stay cream-colored! It's listed on the website now, too.

These are special little sets of guest soaps that I'll be selling at my holiday shows, not available on the website. You'll get to pick any 3 scents!

Bergamot body butter, also brand new around here...I know, it just keeps getting better. There's a new Lavender body butter too! All 4 body butters are here

All the new goodies will go up on the website right quick. Aren't you excited for all the other new goodies from Dot & Lil coming up this season?

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