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Over the holidays and after them, the focus here at Dot & Lil ends up, inevitably, on the selling and talking and sales and meetings and planning and goals and dreaming. This weekend, I got back to the making, and it felt great! Not only that but I got to make new things, and get my creative streak running by coming up with a few new designs for old favorites. That doesn't happen too often, but it's one of my very favorite parts!

And so, here are the results of my production weekend, which if you follow @DotandLil on twitter you may have caught already because I tweeted pictures as I made everything!

Here's the new design for Dot & Lil's classic Rose soap, which used to be just a solid pink bar and was the most basic-looking of all our soap designs until now. I might still make a few small changes, this was only the test batch for the new design, but this is the basic idea. Sorry for the phone pics! We'll get our always stellar Élise Hogberg in to take some better pictures soon.

You can buy Dot & Lil's new Rose soap design here. (The website picture still displays the old bar.)

And here are some loaves of Dot & Lil violet soap. I've added hand-carved soap flowers to the top of the loaf, so that when cut each bar gets one! As if I'm not busy enough without hand-carving soap flowers? But as mentionned in my last post here, I will be discontinuing Violet it in the next few months. When the stock I made yesterday runs out, I won't be making more. So if you love it, or have yet to try it, grab some here. Not all the bars have flowers as I still have some previous stock left, so if you're ordering it just for that, make a note in the comments section in the website shopping cart.

And here are some loaves of Grapefruit & Bergamot soap before being cut into bars. I love seeing these in sunshine! They're just too pretty with light shining through them.

It was a productive weekend. And I have more to make today! I'll be taking more pictures as I work, so be sure to follow @DotandLil on twitter to see me as I go! I love many parts of my business. But it's when I get back to the making, and get back to creating new things, that I get a true taste of why I started this crazy journey to build a soap empire in the first place!


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