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I don't know about you, but winter is starting to get to me! The slush, cold and gray are starting to make cracks in my usually happy, positive attitude. I know it's because of what I do, but fragrances are a big part of how I get through this! I have been daydreaming about spring scents. Here's the smells and fragrance ideas swirling around in my head this past week. some old, some new.

Take a second to let me know what sounds amazing, and what I'm missing! You just might see your favorites 'spring' up at Dot & Lil if you do.

Lilac soap, a spring limited edition soap from last year that I'll be bringing back this spring. I really love this fragrance. Everyone who smells it mentions how dead-on it is. It's funny, I love the smell of lilacs in bloom but always hated it as a perfume--always too powdery and fake. But this one smells like you stuck your face in a tree--that works for me!

Sweet Pea soap, another spring limited edition from last year that was very, very popular and will be back for spring 2011. I have one bar of this that I saved myself from last year and just opened it yesterday. I can't wait for my next shower!

Violet also always makes me think of spring. It's such a soft, delicate, classic scent. And guys? I have some bad news. Once I get through the current stock of this scent, it'll be gone! I have plans to discontinue it in the next few months. So if you love it, or have yet to try it, grab some here

And some new spring and summer scent ideas I've been considering, just to get you through these hard winter days:

Rice Flower & Shea
Linden Green Tea
Cucumber Lettuce
Orange Blossom

What are the spring and summer scents you'd love to see at Dot & Lil?

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