men's holiday gift guide: the husband or boyfriend gift

The boyfriend or husband gift...always such a challenge! Men are notoriously hard to buy for or even create for. As mentioned here, Dot & Lil is on a mission this year--a mission to solve the man-gift problem! This is the first of our men's holiday gift guides.

I am a big believer in giving handmade.Whether that's your hands or someone else's will depend on what hidden talents you have, and how much time is available! And I'm not a huge fan of most classic man gifts.Here's a selection of man-gifts that range from the extraordinary to the hilarious. And ssshhhh, don't show my boyfriend!

For the non-leafs hockey fan, and for a very reasonable price, I like this Leafs Suck shirt by buttonmachine.

For print lovers, paper lovers or business guys, I really like the idea of giving customized paper goods or stationary, like these personalized ones from LettermintPress. (25/10/2011: new development! Michelle from Lettermint wants to offer my readers 10% off! You can use code "dotlil10" between now and 11/30/11 on any of the men's or women's customized stationery or holiday cards. Thank you, Michelle!)

For great men's gifts in general, check out oopsmark by local Montrealer Jesse Herbert. For $29 his bike wine rack makes an awesome and exceptional gift. The leather bracelets that double as smart phone holders are,! The USB leather cuffs in his shop are pretty unique, too!

If your boyfriend or husband is into music, I think this sterling silver initialed guitar pick from TheTaffyBox is a truly unique and outstanding gift. It comes in a leather case, to boot. I mean that's pretty special!

If your boyfriend or husband likes taking care of himself and his skin, or you'd like him to stop looking like he lives in the woods, there's the Dot & Lil shaving kit and shaving soaps. Available in mint, or unscented for the sensitive ones.

For a jewelery gift, I love this sterling silver ring for $59 and this oxidized silver one for $40 from TheSlyFox. Just make sure it doesn't seem like you're proposing...unless you are!

 And for a cute added touch to finish off the whole thing, I'm in love with this funny card or this one from shopsaplingpress.


Happy man-gifting! 

And, more Dot & Lil gift guides are on the way.

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