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While shopping for a small mini-anniversary gift for my boyfriend last week, it became clear to me, as it does every time I have to buy man-gifts, that men are IMPOSSIBLE TO SHOP FOR. Really. I mean, it's terrible. I consider myself a pretty good gift-giver in general. But men are just extremely difficult, for the most part, unless you have a lot of money to spend.

This man gift predicament has led me to decide that I'm going to beef up the availability and promotion of man-worthy Dot & Lil offerings for the holidays. So. Are you male? Wanna help me brainstorm? Have a not-totally-off-the-wall idea for a personal care product that I can gear towards men? I'd love to hear it! Rules: I will not make anything with gravel as an exfoliant (have you read my funny post exfoliation, or pain?). I just won't. It should be affordable. It doesn't have to be classic. I want some funny or silly or unsual stuff!

I will also be creating a whole series of gift giving guides starting next week and going until the end of december. The guides will highlight great Dot & Lil gift ideas, as well as the great gifts I'll be seeing from other vendors at all my fall and winter shows. I'll also be on the hunt on Etsy and ArtFire, for those of you who love to holiday shop online, like me.

Let's solve this man-gift problem. Dot & Lil is on a mission to help you give men great gifts! No more socks, ties, gift certificates or last minute pharmacy gifts. Boyfriends, uncles, fathers and sons rejoice! Let's do the 2011 holiday season right!

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