new space, new times

It seems like everything has changed in such a short time! Tomorrow will be my first work and production day from my new Dot & Lil studio. And that changes just about everything! For the first time in the almost 4 years that I have worked on this business with all that I have, it will be separate from my home and, really, separate from me. I have worked so hard and there have been so many different kinds of challenges and struggles and successes and failures to get to this point.

I am as excited as a kid on Christmas to be able to work properly and professionally in a designated space for the first time ever! But also? I'm a little bit sad to be losing a stage in my business where anything was possible and it was all new to me and creative. Not that I'm exactly old and jaded now! And certainly the creative possibilities are just beginning. But there are some goodbyes in all these new things, too. I loved building my business to this point, and I'm terrified but excited for the challenges, successses and failures that I'll face while working from my new studio, too.

Stay tuned for pictures!

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