covet wednesday: the 'one of a kind' edition

When I was in Toronto early this spring for the One of a Kind show, which I posted about here, I did my usual shop of the other vendors, looking for great handmade items. I bought a few things, and coveted a few others. Some of the coveting was from Hoi Bo, who made it into a previous covet wednesday post. And some of the buying was from Flakes Paperie and Crywolf Clothing, who make up this week's covet post.

I bought a Father's day card for my Dad and a birthday card for my sister from Ashley at Flakes Paperie, which meant hanging onto the cards in an ever-so-unlike-me, prepared-months-ahead-of-time way! My dad loved his card, and for a week or so after I gave it to him kept handing it back to me and saying "Have you seen the nice screen-printed card my lovely daughter gave me?" every time I walked into his house. Classic move--my dad's always a goof, and also basically the best Dad ever (Hi Dad!) Anyway, I love the invitations showcased on the Flakes Paperie website. If I had custom invites to make anytime soon, I would definitely head their way for great design and beautiful items screen printed by hand.   

 I also bought a hoodie from Crywolf Clothing, and I love this thing! I wore it all spring, and recently also dragged it up north with me on a weekend-long adventure in which I lost a bunch of my belongings, including my wallet but thankfully excluding my Crywolf hoodie! I would definitely buy this again, and I also really like the anchor/nautical sleeveless shirt below.

More 'covet wednesday' items next week! This has been a very popular post each week, and you guys really seem to like it! I'm always glad to know you like hearing about other handmade goods and small businesses. And if you missed it, be sure to check out Monday's post about what I learned this year and uncertainty as a small business owner here.

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