DIY beauty mask recipes for summer

It's HOT out! Here are a few DIY facial mask recipes from me that might help keep you feeling cool and looking pretty this summer. My summer beauty gift to you! These were also feautured, along with a lovely profile of me and Dot and Lil, on the Boutique Onze blog today!

Summer Days D.I.Y. face masks 

Mask no.1: Fresh Face for Hot Days
-1 cup of sliced cucumber
- ½ an avocado
-3-4 teaspoons baking soda
-a few teaspoons of rosewater (optional)
-2-3 drops essential oil (optional). Lavender or Tea Tree are good choices. Don’t use more than a few drops, the face is a sensitive area and essential oils are very strong.
Why these ingredients? Cucumber is a super-cooling way to add moisture and relax. The baking soda naturally and gently exfoliates and cleanses your skin. Avocado is a great moisturizer and feels creamy and lovely. Rosewater, if you have any, is a truly lovely ingredient that is softly scented and cooling, and is great on its own as a toner, too. 
Mask no.2: Soothing After-Sun
-1/2 cup finely ground oatmeal
-1 tablespoon aloe vera gel (from the pharmacy or straight from the plant!)
-2 tablespoons unflavoured plain yoghurt (not fat-free, fat = moisture!)

Why these ingredients? Oatmeal is one the most soothing skincare ingredients around, so perfect after spending time in the sun. It’s also great at gently exfoliating and removing surface dirt and oil. Yoghurt is moisturizing and cooling, and great for softening the skin. Aloe vera is the perfect after-sun soothing, cooling, restoring ingredient, especially if you can get it straight from the plant!
Start with a clean disinfected work area and tools—you’re a beauty formulator!. These recipes are just guides—feel free to adjust the quantities to get the feel and texture you want! Throw the ingredients in a blender or food processor and then chill thoroughly in the fridge to get their maximum cooling effect. Massage into cleansed skin on your face and neck. Leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water, and then thoroughly rinse with cold water. Voilà! Please do not keep these for more than a day or two even in the fridge—they are not preserved, and so are not safe to use once left to sit! Avoid citrus essential oils for the face if you choose to add fragrance—they can cause photo-sensitivity to the sun. And, most important skincare tip of all—WEAR SUNSCREEN! I do so every day now, rain or shine, winter or summer.
Optional additions & ideas:
Honey, coconut oil, green tea, chamomile, lavender flowers, glycerine, powdered clays and banana are all great choices!
 xoxo Anne

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