covet wednesday: the 'missed it from the cottage' edition

I missed this week's Covet Wednesday post, as I spent the day at the cottage yesterday with beautiful children, lovely people, sweet sunshine and great food. Well worth the missed post! Here's a slightly late Covet Wednesday post, and some bonus pictures from my escape-from-the-city cottage day trip yesterday. Enjoy!

I have been coveting some crochet washcloths this summer! Those of you who have been Dot & Lil fans since the very beginning will remember that we used to make and carry these years ago! And I miss having a stash of them around. These particularly lovely ones, in stunning summer colors, are from Cocoa Beans, based out of Oklahoma. They have a face scrubbie/makeup remover pad size, and a washcloth size, all in a range of really gorgeous colors and made by hand.


I also love this line of awesome home cleaning products, Haven, out of New York. I love their packaging, and they get absolutely fantastic reviews as far as effectiveness, though I haven't had the chance to try them yet. I also love that they are handcrafted in Brooklyn, just like Dot & Lil is handcrafted in Montreal. I know this is a line that Dot & Lil fans will be interested in. I am particularly drawn to their All Purpose cleaner and Air & Linen spray.

And, some bonus cottage living images, of a day that was definitely covetable and a quintessential lovely summer day. Wish I had more of these days! The perfect day trip, and I'm back in the studio today refreshed and with a billion beaitiful pictures.

Happy summer, and make sure to soak in the sunshine and happy summer days!  

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