top ten beauty products we dream of making for you

The 'product ideas' file at Dot & Lil is a big fat overflowing thing! That's because there are about a billion things we're inspired to try and develop, and the list just grows and grows the more we talk to Dot & Lil fans and read a bajillion beauty blogs. It might take us years to get to them all, considering how few things we can realistically pay attention to each season!

So, we thought we would share. Here are the top ten beauty products we daydream about making for you. And hopefully someday will! We'd bring our special Dot & Lil spin to each, of course.

10. Lip scrub
9. Signature perfume
8. Eye serum
7. Facial scrub/gentle exfoliator
6. Salt bar
5. Facial mask
4. Travel kit
3. Nail polish
2. Facial soap/makeup remover bar
1. Hand + body wash 

We may never get to all of these, or all the rest in our file. But we certainly love developing new products for you! The Fall/Winter 2012 collection debuts next month, and we couldn't be more excited!

What products would you just *love* to see at Dot & Lil? What items from our daydream list sound good to you?

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xoxo, Anne + the Dot & Lil Team