product of the week: petit oiseau

As you might have seen already if you've been trolling around in our web shop or following us on Instagram (dotandlil), we have redesigned the packaging of our popular 'Petit Oiseau' soaps over the last month or so. The more official launch for the all new packaging will be our Fall/Winter line launch date, which is August 21st (so SOON!) So, the 'Petit Oiseau' soaps are the product of the week because we have about 5 or so left in each scent with the old packaging--that are seeeriously on sale. Grab them in our Etsy shop, both Lemon & Sage and Honeysuckle, while we still have some for only $6. And I do still love the polka dot boxes, I'll be super sad to see them go--they're just not retail friendly (they don't stand up, and the side flaps get damaged easily) so they had to go.
If you'd rather get your hot little paws directly onto the new ones (and who can blame you!) they are already listed in our web shop here and the Lemon & Sage ones are also already available at all three locations of Boutique Onze. Are you getting excited about the Fall/Winter line yet? we have SO many new things launching, you're all going to flip. Happy Tuesday! See you back here tomorrow for Covet Wednesday, as always.

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