covet wednesday: montreal summer edition

First things first, check out the new Covet Wednesday graphic! You can thank my new-found obsession with Photoscape for that one. 
This week's Covet Wednesday is all about Montreal summer. There's a new restaurant guide out, and it's all about my favourite Montreal summer thing--terrasses! Living in a city who's main summer pastime is sitting outdoors people-watching and drinking while someone else cooks for you is pretty tough, but someone's gotta do it. That's just how we roll. This little pocket-sized $12 Joanna Fox book means I can diversify my go-to places. Small enough to fit in your purse, with info about payment methods and opening hours, and it's indexed by type of cuisine and (hurrah!) by neighbourhood. 
If you're in Montreal, the book will be featured at the cash register of your Chapters Indigo. If you're elsewhere, your local Chapters Indigo might stock it or you can easily (and with a discount) order it online from them here. And in case you've ever wondered where my entrepreneurial spirit comes from, it may very well be from the man responsible for publishing the book, Simon Dardick of Véhicule Press, who also just happens to be my dad.

In other covetables this week, I'm going to have to go with clothing and jewels. It feels like every woman in this city is effortlessly dressed in pulled-together, gorgeous summer outfits right now and it's driving me mad because half the time I feel like a 13 year old. Here are some goodies from Montreal's La Raffinerie and Boutique Onze that I'm coveting.

 1. Perfect Ruby dyed jade necklace from the new La Raffinerie collection
2. Perfect Pleats dress
3. open-back Bambi & Friends dress
4. Rose skirt

Happy covet wednesday! What have you been coveting this week?

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