covet wednesday: crafty supplies edition

As I prepare for our upcoming press event in August and get things ready for our fall-winter product launches, I am spending a lot of time crafting and designing and getting the small details right. And that definitely shows through in the things I am coveting this week!

I have fallen madly in the love with the 42 Things Etsy shop, run by  fellow Canadian Jo of Edmonton, Alberta. Her items, photography, design and styling are just right for me, and I find myself coveting just about every item in her very well-stocked shop. So much so that choosing which images to include for Covet Wednesday required massive willpower and an extra cup of coffee, as I wanted to include it all! In the end, the highlights for me are the sparkle mustache stickers (left), anchor stickers, vintage paper packs like this one, and these cutlery tags (all below). Major coveting going on over here!

 And, just because it's summer, I am definitely coveting some time to make a few of these ice cream recipes from Daily Candy.I especially love this one, presented in a tea cup-- I am always telling people that the pretty vintage tea cups from the Tea Party soap set are a fantastic way to serve desserts!
I already have a whole host of things I know I want to feature on next week's Covet post! Definitely not a lack of coveting to choose from when I write these posts. Let me know if there's something covet-worthy you stumble across this week! Happy summer. 

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