tea cups: it's what we're all about

With soaps in them, just as they are, or actually being used to serve tea, we just can't seem to have enough tea cups around here. Anyone who has ever visited the Dot & Lil studio knows that we have more tea cups than we know what to do with. Seriously, there's usually at least two dozen sitting in the kitchen, and about twice that in the packaging area and showroom. They're mostly fine bone English china, but we have a collection of pretty mid-century ones now too. I use them as organization on my desk, I serve tea and coffee in them, and of course we also sell gift sets that pair cups & saucers with soaps.

But, I don't just keep them around because they're pretty and because we sell a few. I keep them around because to me, they are a perfect embodiment of the Dot & Lil brand, feeling, and experience.

Vintage cups are high quality, elegant, often hand painted. They have a certain shabby chic femininity inherent in their design and shape. They are something old made new again. They are classic. To me, that's what Dot & Lil is all about. The perfect blending of modern + vintage. Classic scents, modern design, curated vintage, and careful handcrafting. And certainly, we know a thing or two about all things girly or feminine around here!

So there you have it. Tea cups: it's what we're all about. 

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