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In all the kerfuffle (yes, I really did just use the word kerfuffle) of the Fall-Winter line launch, I feel like you guys missed out on a really thorough introduction to our new face product, the first ever facial care item in the Dot & Lil line! So, here she is guys. The Dot & Lil facial serum. Read on for usage instructions, creative second uses, and the answers to common questions.
 We waited so long to introduce a facial care product because we wanted to get it just right, and we also wanted to make sure it fit in well with the Dot & Lil philosophy of simple, straightforward products. We picked these ingredients specifically for their properties and to be as gentle as possible.

Olive Squalane: This luxurious active is the main ingredient. Extracted from olive oil, vegetable squalane has a silky, non-greasy feel and absorbs extremely fast. It helps restore the lipid barrier of your skin  and protects your skin from dehydration.

 Rosehip Seed Oil: Contains a huge amount of vitamin C, plus the highest amount of retinol (vitamin A) of almost any oil around. Rosehip seed oil feels light but is packed with polyunsaturated fats which are great for your skin.

 Sweet Almond Oil: Lightweight oil rich in vitamins A, B and E. Emollient, softening and soothing.

Rice Bran Oil: Also lightweight (noticing a theme here?) but also fantatsic for mature skin. Full of enzymes and vitamin E. Contains Gamma-Oryzanol, an active anti-oxidant nutrient.

Vitamin e: Great for the skin, but also keeps our other oils fresh and shelf-stable and prevents them from oxidizing.

How do you use it? Serums are used in place of or in addition to moisturizers, for the properties of the oils and ingredients. Apply 1-4 drops into your palm and spread onto a damp face and neck after cleansing. You can do this morning or night, and follow up with a cream or not, depending on your personal preference. Feels nice under makeup, too. Great for all skin types and all ages.

 How does it feel? If you’ve never used a light oil-based product on your face, you're probably scared to try, right? It's not at all how you think it is. You’ll be shocked how smooth and moist it feels and how it looks—it's not greasy or shiny. At all! (application video coming soon, seeing is believing!)

How does it smell? Barely scented—a slight hint of sage and bergaptene-free bergamot essential oils at 0.2% of the formula. Perfect for those with very sensitive faces or fragrance sensitivities.

How is it packaged? In an apothecary-style blue glass dropper bottle that holds 35ml, which comes in a clear box with all the ingredients and usage instructions. They retail for $25, and this amount will last several months with daily use. As always, our packaging is recyclable (and you can reuse the glass bottle--pretty!) The facial serum is available on our website here and in our Etsy shop here.

Other Uses If your skin is loving this serum, you can also give it a try as a cleansing oil--massage 5-6 drops into skin for 20-30 seconds, then continue massaging with warm water on your hands. Follow with your normal cleansing routine, or simply rinse with lots of warm water. This works because oil dissolves oil, thereby extremely effectively cleansing your skin, though we know this is counter-intuitive for most! Also, you can use this serum as a gentle and effective makeup remover, with a little bit on a cotton pad.

Comments Whether you think this is your new go-to facial product, or decide it's not for you, we'd love to hear what you think of our new product and how it's working for you. What are your thoughts on the packaging, price, and ingredients? We love to hear what you have to say!

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