lilac, lilac, lilac

Lilac, lilac, lilac! By far the most popular spring fragrance at Dot & Lil is our Lilac, a fresh light floral that is true-to-life and smells just like a real spring lilac in bloom. In fact, if only one fragrance had to be picked as emblematic of who we are, what we do, and what Dot & Lil nation is all about, lilac would be it! When I was little, my mother would cut stems from our lilac bush in the backyard and place them in a small green bumpy cream pitcher on my bedroom windowsill. I remember the scent and the color and the texture of the vase so perfectly! This scent just IS springtime for me. The image below is from our floral arrangements at last spring's open house. We'll be having another Spring Open House in May this year, stay tuned for dates and details!

Have you tried our Lilac scent yet? Lilac body butter, Lilac soap, and our special 'Springtime in Paris' Lilac soap are all here for spring. 


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