hello, spring! new collection has arrived

Our new spring collection has arrived! If you are in or around Toronto this evening, make sure to come by our Spring launch party tonight at Crown Flora Studio. If you live in Montreal, make sure to swing by Quartier Mode for a look at the entire new spring collection which they will have on display this morning. And for the rest of Dot & Lil nation, below is the details you want on all our new stock! You'll notice that most of our classic collection has new packaging, too, and Dot & Lil now has a new logo, official as of today! Make sure to let us know what you think of the new releases.
Liquid Hand + Body Soaps
Ourbiggest news of the season is the release of our brand new line of liquid hand + body soaps, which have been requested by Dot & Lil fans so many times that we’ve lost count! They’re finally here, and available in three popular scents: Grapefruit & Bergamot, Coriander &Lemongrass and Rosemary & Lavender. These are pure soaps that feel creamy and soft on the skin with a luxurious foaming lather and great strong scents. They are great for use as a hand wash at the kitchen or bathroom sink and also feel and smell fantastic in the bath or shower. They come in an 8 oz cobalt blue pump bottle.
retail price:$16   link: http://www.dotandlil.com/index.php?cPath=88 
 Rice Flower Perfume Oil
After releasing this as special limited edition perfume this spring for the Toronto One of a Kind Show, the reaction was so immediate and so strong that we knew we’d have to bring it into the Classic collection! Much loved by beauty bloggers and devoted Dot & Lil fans, this perfume is likely to compete with Rose to be our most popular ever.



New Fruity Soap Scent for Spring & Summer
Ournewest soap scent is Black Tea & Cassis! A fresh, fruity and tart scent with a touch of freshly brewed black tea. A fruit scent has been a standing request from Dot & Lil nation, and we are listening!



Returning Favourites for Spring & Summer!


Sweet Pea and Lilac soaps! These are two of the most-loved soaps we do, and they are eagerly anticipated each spring!



retail price:$7


New Scent of Popular Shea Body Butter!
Lilac is one of the most-loved fragrances we’ve ever made as soap, so we decided to introduce it as a choice for our super-popular body butters. Introducing Lilac & Shea body butter! Like the rest of our body butter line, it is a waterless, rich moisturizer that is over 80 % shea butter. The almond oil and vitamin e in here help to make you all soft and smooth. Great as a rich hand balm and especially great for gardeners.
Repair + Calm Shave Serum


 This is our newest addition to the shaving line, one that the men in Dot & Lil nation are especially going to appreciate! This shave liquid can be used before shaving to soften hair for a close shave and after shaving to soothe and calm skin, preventing irritation. This special formula is made with powerful soothing calendula and moisturizing rice bran and avocado oils, and scented with a subtle touch of cedarwood and tea tree essential oils.
Spring & Summer Soap Set


Celebrate the freshness of the season with our four seasonal limited edition soaps in one sweet little gift. Sweet Pea, Lilac, Lemon & Sage and Black Tea & Cassis soaps are all packed into a takeout gift box.


Tea Cup Candles: The Official Début!
We unofficially launched these teacup candles for the holiday season, to see if Dot & Lil nation would like them—and you definitely did! They will now be fully available in our regular collection. Made with pure beeswax, olive oil and a cotton wick they are a healthy vintage-style way to light up your home. These candles are unscented but have that classic authentic beeswax scent when they burn. Each candle is poured into a vintage china teacup and matching saucer and comes in a pretty white gift box. There’s nothing that is more a symbol of the vintage message of Dot & Lil than teacups!


New Lip Gloss!
Adding to our line of popular lip glosses, we’d like to introduce new lightly tinted Lavender flavoured gloss! Another classic flavor with just a little bit of shine and colour—a great everyday gloss.


So, what are dying to try, Dot & Lil nation? Let us know what you think of all this hard work!

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