little luxuries

As I walked into my apartment yesterday, the only thing on my mind was a bath. A long, hot, luxurious soak in a tub that would erase all the day's stress, worries, pain and that bittersweet malcontent that I always experience in the fall. One major roadblock to aforementioned bath: my new apartment has no bathtub. I repeat, my new apartment has NO bathtub.

I am a soapmaker, a bath and body formulator, a creative genius of all things bath (modesty is not my strong suit today, apparently....). And yet here I am, bathless. On days like these, a shower will just never quite fill the gap that a bath could. I don't know what kind of person would design or build a living space with no bathtub, but I can tell you right now that they're no friend of mine!

It is a whole string of very important changes in my life that have brought me to this new, tub-free home. I am coming out of a period of transition that I hope will make me a bigger, better, more focused and happier person. I have turned my life upside down and am now setting it straight, albeit on a slightly altered course. And now more than ever, when I cannot take that soak that I so badly want, I am reminded of some of the reasons I keep making the things I make and struggling to run the kind of business I would like Dot & Lil to become. It is because in a world where things can be so difficult and so complex, a world where people's lives often involve burdens they would rather not deal with, it is the simple small luxuries of things like good soap that can provide respite. I know it to be true for myself, and I hope it is true for others.

It is the simple, small, good things, the affordable luxuries, that keep me motivated to continue tackling the big changes in my life.

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