last chance for chocolate

Over the holidays we carried three limited editions:

Satsuma, which as of my last blog post has become a permanent member of the Dot & Lil family.
Sugar & Spice, which will come back as a limited edition holiday scent next year.
And lastly, Chocolate, which sold out twice and which I am still being asked for!

So here's the deal. Chocolate is going to make an ever so brief comeback. I decided that in the spirit of upcoming Valentine's Day, I could do one, just ONE more restock. So if you liked it, and asked for it, and neeeeeeeed it.......last chance! I am making a double batch of Dot & Lil limited edition chocolate soap as I write this. And once they're done....too bad so sad!

Call me to reserve a bar! (514) 836-6073
Also, Dot & Lil may be doing a show in early February so that you can all stock up for Valentine's Day...details to follow!

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