the best laid plans

I had a plan last Friday. I am, as many of you know, a planner by nature. I have lists and tasks, calendars and checklists, and ever so many post-it notes. I use the stick-it notes app on my iPhone religiously. I'm not overly rigid in my scheduling, it just helps me commit to getting something done. I do, after all, have a lot to get done! Sometimes it's a little like a one-woman circus around here.

On Friday, my plan was to finish my workday and get some body butter and soap made for the Heart to Heart Crafty Affair, where I was yesterday and today. These tasks were on my list. I was mentally committed to them. I was tired, but boy was I ever ready. And then. And then I got sick.

As I dragged myself through the door of my apartment late Friday afternoon, it occurred to me that I had a choice. I could drag my sick self through my aforementioned scheduled tasks, and get a certain satisfaction from it being done, or I could go to bed. Usually, I pick the first choice. This time, I went to bed. This time, I slept straight through til the next day. And you know what? I was still a little shaky at the craft fair on Saturday, but the point is I was AT the fair. Had I tried to do it all, I suspect I would have been in bed, at my doctor's office, or at the very least much worse off than I was. And just go ahead and ask me if anyone noticed that I was missing one scent of body butter and one scent of soap, among the plethora of scent and product choices on a Dot & Lil craft table!

I am a very ambitious, very driven person. I work hard, I get a lot done and I am extremely committed to what I do and my vision of what Dot & Lil will be. This weekend reminded me that sometimes, working harder isn't the right choice. Sometimes, a few hours off can save me a few days. On occasion even the best laid plans need to be put aside.

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