the making of a Dot & Lil bath truffle

There's always a lot of curiosity about how Dot & Lil products are made. So, every once in a while you'll get a new post with lots of detailed pics that show you exactly how a Dot & Lil product is made. You can also go back and read the first one, a look behind the scenes, about the making of a Dot & Lil lip balm. You can buy the Dot & Lil bath truffles I make below at .

So, as always I start by washing my hands, prepping and cleaning my workspace and taking out all my ingredients!

First, I weigh out all my ingredients! Here's the mango butter, shea butter and cocoa butter being weighed. I also weigh out avocado oil, vitamin e, citric acid, baking soda and kaolin clay! Now that's a super deluxe ingredient list!

Water is heated in the bottom part of a double boiler. This is because it's better to melt oils and butters with indirect heat.

The hard butters, in this case the cocoa butter, are always melted first because they take the longest!

Once that's melted, I add the softer butters; creamy mango and moisturizing shea. At the very end I mix in the already liquid ingredients, antioxidant vitamin e and super penetrating avocado oil!

While the butters have been melting I've mixed my dry ingredients in a big bowl. Kaolin clay, baking soda and citric acid (which is what gives these bath truffles their "fizz" in your bathwater). I've also weighed out the fragrance oil I'm using for this batch, the ever-popular and super happy citrusy Satsuma.

I then mix the oil mixture into the dry ingredients, making a porridge-like funny-textured mixture! I stir for a bit to get all the lumps out.

I add the fragrance oil to the mixture when it is no longer hot but just warm, and mix it in evenly.

These are the IKEA molds I use to make all those cute little hearts! I sometimes use flower molds, too. These make truffles the perfect size for one bath!

The porridge-like mixture gets squished into the molds with a spatula. The molds are popped into the freezer to harden.

Once the truffles have hardened they're removed from the molds and wrapped individually in colored candy foil .

I pop four bath truffles into a cute box, add a Dot & Lil label, and we're done!

These are my favorite Dot & Lil product to make, and they're my favorite to use! They fizz when you put them in the water, sort of like a bath bomb, and then all those luxurious oils and butters and clay melt into the hot water and make the water SUPER silky! And you are then super silky yourself when you get out. They're addictive! You can grab them here.

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