pick a tea cup, any tea cup...part 2!

Back at the end of April, I wrote this post, which listed the tea cups available for the Tea Party gift set. Well, I'm happy to say that all those cups, and many more, have found happy homes since then! Here are the new cups for the Dot & Lil The Tea Party gift set. Pick a tea cup, any tea cup!

These super special sets come with one flower soap and a vintage fine bone English bone china tea cup & saucer. The whole thing is packaged in a lovely white box and decked out with polka dotted ribbon. You can buy the sets here. Mention which cup # you'd like during checkout!

      cup 1:  
cup 2:    SOLD

     cup 3:

 cup 4:
cup 5:

cup 6:

cup 7:

cup 8:
cup 9:

cup 10:

cup 11:

cup 12:

cup 13:
You can buy the Tea Party soap gift sets here in either Lilac scent or Green Tea & Linden Flower.

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