dot & lil open house recap

The open house was so lovely! It was so nice to connect with Dot & Lil fans and show off our newly renovated studio and workspace. We sold lots of seconds and samples, had a great time sipping on Gingerbeer and munching on tea sandwiches, and popping in and out of the photo booth! Our photos are below, but you can also check out coverage of the event on the Elle Jasmin blog, at WRG mag, on Fashionista 514's Facebook page, at Bargain Babe, on the Snob Affair blog and at Frolic Hunter.

Roseanne (@itsallyogababy) and Robyn (@poemabtevrythng) chatting near the dessert table.

 Tea and coffee served in our vintage cups and saucers, hibiscus lemonade and gingerbeer. 

 Some shea rescue butters on sale 

 Dot & Lil themed shortbreads to match our product scents: Lemon & Sage, Lavender, Rose. 

Make sure to grab a loot bag on your way out! These had a few perfume samples, a few soap samples, candies and a coupon for the website. 


I love this picture of the studio!
The already very picked-over sales and seconds baskets, these were overflowing at the start of the day, and empty by the end!

Rose scented candles to decorate the dessert table, we had hundreds of cupcakes and shortbread cookies!

The make-your-own party hat station that turned out to be extremely popular!

Some of the materials from the party hat station: sequins, birch bark, chevron-patterned stickers, glitter, buttons, ribbon, paper and crepe paper, fabric and rope. This activity turned out so well! 

And now some pictures from the Dot & Lil photo booth!:

You can see the full set of photos from the open house by checking our facebook album here, or on flickr here. Thanks for joining us! 

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