covet wednesday // affordable covets edition {#8}

I know the things I covet in my Covet Wednesday posts aren't always budget-friendly--hence the coveting!! So, in honour of my lovely Aunt Grace (master shopper) who reads the blog and pointed this out to me a few months ago, here's a super affordable covet post, of things you don't have to covet for too long before they're yours. I am yearning for new spring shoes, color and jewelery! And my bathroom desperately needs some DIY & design love this spring.
1. New fresh spring bag (I am so sick of my purses!), $30
2. Little bow rings (that remind me of my dear friend Eliza), $10 for 2
3. Coral heels from Call It Spring, $50
4. Seashore-themed set of earrings from Call It Spring, $10 for the set 5
5. A stripey shower curtain from West Elm (I desperately need to replace mine!), $41
6. Neapolitan ice cream cone letterpress card set from my sister & brother-in-law's Etsy shop, $7 for 3
What do you think? And what are you coveting this spring? 

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