By Dot and Lil on 2009-05-31

As I prepare for a week-long tropical vacation, coming up in June, I find myself trying to get my legs and feet into summer and beach mode. And so I bring to you the Dot & Lil Summer Legs Lineup. These are the items from our product line that will help you get your legs and toes into great shape (because who wants to show off winter legs???) I will be listing these in my ArtFire shop ( as fully put together sets, to make things even easier!

Step 1; Soak those babies

Soak your feet with Dot & Lil's Rosemary & Tea Tree Foot Soak. It's refreshing, moisturizing and gentle. Most importantly, it softens all those winter calluses and tough bits of skin! The ground rosemary in the formula is used for it's reputed antiseptic, muscle relaxing and cleansing properties. Tea Tree essential oil is used for it's strong, fresh smell as well as for it's supposed antibacterial properties. This product is specifically formulated to leave feet fresher, cleaner and softened. Dot & Lil Foot Soak is also available in Peppermint.

Step 2; Scrub those heels and rough bits

Use a pumice stone or other foot scrubbing tool while your feet are still wet from the foot soak. I do this after having soaked my feet for about 15 minutes, using the soak water that I am finished with to rinse. You will be truly amazed at how much softer your heels and toes are after this step!

Step 3; Silky smooth legs

The last (and some will argue most important) step to beach and summer ready legs and feet is.....the shave! For those of you that have never tried a Dot & Lil Shaving Bar, you are truly missing out! We stock them in both Unscented and Peppermint. Formulated with extra coconut oil, soothing and luxurious kaolin clay to create the slip needed for shaving and nourishing vitamin e, these bars are just what you need to get your legs ready for sun, sand and summer. If you want extra softness, exfoliate with a loofah before your shave!

Have fun! I know I will....

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