rose milk bath

Add a few tablespoons of Dot & Lil milk bath to your bath water and you'll be so soft you'll be asking people to feel up your arms. Well...maybe that's just what I would do! But you'll definitely be soft! Packed with ingredients like whole milk, honey powder and oatmeal, this is a soothing, luxurious treat.

Rose, such a classic scent! Our rose scent is styled after the wild Alberta rose. It is fresh but soft with undertones of fresh green stem and moist earth.

Dot & Lil Rose Milk Bath is packaged in a pretty recyclable glass jar and is 215g, enough for plenty of baths!


Lac (whole milk powder), zea mays starch (corn starch), avena sativa (oatmeal), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), mel powder (honey powder), fragrance.

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