rosemary & lavender soap

Now available for summer, a Dot & Lil limited edition soap so good that I already have 3 bars of it in my own shower, ousting my usual favorites which are Honeysuckle and Satsuma! Scandalous, I know. The soap drama, it's ongoing at my house I tell ya.

Without further ado, let me introduce Dot & Lil Rosemary & Lavender soap! This balmy, herbal and floral soap smells like a summer garden at it's very best! The comforting aroma of lavender blended with the warm and slightly spicy herbal zing of rosemary. A twist on our classic lavender scent. Gardeners, lavender enthusiasts, foodies and floral lovers rejoice! It is available here on the Dot & Lil website, or via phone order at (514) 836-6073.

Also...can you keep a secret? Ok well, you didn't hear it from me but a little birdie told me that Dot & Lil prices were about to go up a little, on , at shows and in person. So....stock up right now!

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