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Someone recently asked me whether the things I make are "preservative-free". The simple answer is "yes". But the truth is longer than one word. Read on if you want to learn a nugget of truth about the things we all use on our skin!

The products I choose to make at Dot & Lil are anhydrous. This means that I formulate them without water. Because of this, they do not require a preservative. That's why I choose to make them that way. So...what happens when water-containing products AREN'T preserved?

Preparations that contain water (like lotions, which are oil and water emulsified) or will come into contact with water (scrubs that you dip wet fingers into) need a preservative than can prevent the growth of yeast, mold, bacteria and fungi. This bacteria can lead to staph infections and other serious infections. Whether a product "looks ok" or not does not determine whether it's spoiled or not. This can't be determined without lab testing. And where there's water, I assure you, there will be the growth of nasties. Since I am currently not set up to be able to send my formulations for lab testing, I don't make anything that would require it. No water = no preservative needed.

So, yes, Dot & Lil products are "preservative-free". But I don't want to feed into the hype that says that preservatives are bad! Natural preservatives that are truly effective in skin care do not currently exist. Synthetic preservatives keep us safe and healthy! If my products required one, you'd better believe I'd do the safe thing and use one! When I buy things like lotion, I check the ingredients to make sure there is a preservative used.

Many people choose to ignore these simple, common-sense truths about skincare because they aren't convenient. They are not a simple yes or no answer. Natural isn't always good, and synthetic isn't always bad. A lot of things will spin it differently. But you know what? It's still the truth.

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