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Dot & Lil sends out a monthly newsletter, frequently with a free item code for web orders. I know! Your reading time is limited, your inboxes are packed, Dot & Lil lovers are busy, happy people with lots to do! But if you'd like the secret scoop on limited editions before they're posted to the website, and codes for freebies at upcoming shows, and contests and free stuff with your next web order...well, would you make some space for the newsletter? I promise not to pester you too much!

Many of you read this blog in your email inbox, or via your RSS feed. Some of you pop in here and there to see what's up. Some of you follow the breadcrumbs from my Facebook page or Twitter. And some of you check in regularly all on your own! I'm very appreciative and constantly amazed and thankful for the few moments of your week that you invest in this blog, in hearing what's happening at Dot & Lil, and what's happening with me, on this crazy journey to build a soap empire. I don't love every minute of this journey. But I do love almost every minute I spend building this blog and the thinking it makes me do about my life, myself and my business. Thank you!

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