use it or lose it, people, use it or lose it

I'm confused. And sort of at a loss for my next step. It all started when I introduced Dot & Lil Violet soap. This was maybe, ummmm, two years ago? It was spring, and so I made some layered violet soap as a limited edition, stuck a rosebud in the top, and sat back to watch how it would do. And it flew. It was like suddenly, somehow, all things Dot & Lil had to revolve around this little purple and white layered bar of soap. I sold out of the first three batches in under two months. It was the first thing gone from the table at all my events. It was the soap I got the most and the best compliments on.

Things quieted down a bit after the initial crazed rush for it. They do with most scents, even my most popular ones. And for a long time now violet has held it's own, justified it's web and table space, and generally performed as it should, sales-wise.

But for some reason, it is now at a complete stand-still. I have not sold a single bar of violet soap in months. I just don't get it. I mean I've seen scent trends blow through before, but violet? Really? come on, that one's pretty classic. So, here's the deal people. I can't keep it around indefinitely if it's not getting anyone clean. So if you don't want it gone forever? Use it or lose it my dears! You've been warned! It's available here.

Don't get me wrong, I love this soap. But my shelf space, well, it's not loving violet quite as much now that it's around all the time!

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