mood corps & accesoires

Dot & Lil products are now available at a great new store on Bélanger near Christophe Colomb. Mood Corps & Accéssoires, which opened this past Sunday, is packed with covetable items. A wide selection of Second brand jeans (which I am totally going to sneak back there for...), great bags, one-of-a-kind jewelery (including a beautiful black & gold ring that I stared at for...well let's just say I really want it!) and, not to be forgotten, a really wide array of Dot & Lil bath and body items.

The store is owned and run by the fabulous and friendly Kayla and Amélie, a duo that you may have encountered before as they also run the fantastic Mood Coiffure two doors away from the new store. Kayla has been cutting my hair for years. I trust her with scissors near my curly hair...that's rare, and a sign of how great she is! This new venture of theirs is very well done indeed, a great place to spend time and browse and shop and catch up. My friend Genia and I had a blast at their opening on Sunday. The design and look of their store is awesome!

Oh and by the way, there is a staggering number of perfect dresses in this store. You know the ones that you see and just know are right? Yeah, well if they've been hard to find anywhere else lately, it's because Kayla and Amélie have them all at Mood! Seriously.

Mood Corps & Accessoires
1144 rue Bélanger E. (coin Christophe-Colomb)
Montreal QC.

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