happy wednesdays

I spent an entire wonderful, sunny fall day outside today, such a rare treat for someone with my busy schedule! And I did it by participating in the McGill Farmer's Market! I know, the traditional approach would be to take a day off. But who needs traditional? This way, I got some fresh air, sold some soap, hung out with friends and family and got to buy some fresh, high quality local fruits and veggies on top of it! Hot peppers, honey, maple syrup, cucumbers, squash, plums, and fresh baked goods (sweet potato cinnamon roll bread, anyone?) straight from the hands of the people who grew them. Right in downtown Montreal.

Oh....and SOAP! Of course. And there are new ones! For the first time today I had three of the fall/winter limited editions on sale. Sugar & Spice, back from last holiday season's success, Lemon & Sage, my current favorite, and Blood Orange, a yummy straight citrus scent with bold character.

Dot & Lil will be at the McGill Farmer's Market in Three Bares Park on the downtown campus every Wednesday through until the end of October.

Happy Wednesdays!

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