time for play

There's so many things that I would like Dot & Lil to be, so many projects I want to tackle, that it can be discouraging to even begin! There's a constant balancing act between current orders and looking ahead to future shows and clients, versus working on the stuff that may not serve an immediate purpose but turns into the things that set Dot & Lil apart. Being able to play around and create makes me happier about what I do. And a happy soap-maker makes much better soap!

For example, it's not going to bring me any immediate clients or success to create a Dot & Lil logo hole punch, or put together a photo-illustrated recipe book for myself that includes all the Dot & Lil recipes...but it sure would feel creative and fun and make me more passionate about what I do! When there are hundreds of bars of soap waiting to be made, it seems counter-intuitive to take a few minutes to pursue my passion projects. But in the end, it's the things like inventing new soap designs and throwing together illustrated cookbooks that make me want to keep doing what I do! And without that, after all, there would be only the monotony of producing a few same things repetitively.

So...who wants to see the Dot & Lil logo in ivory sealing wax on handmade-paper-wrapped soaps? Or print Dot & Lil shirts? Or create a soap-scent guessing game? And the list goes on.

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