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What's coming for Dot & Lil in 2011? As I sit down and plan it I can't help but feel like I have so, so far to go. But it makes me realize how far I've come! In 2010 I added 9 retailers. I attended over 30 shows (no wonder I needed a rest this week!). I formulated and launched 2 new products and 5 new scents. I participated in my longest show ever. I redesigned my labels and changed my print quality. I officially launched my web store at www.dotandlil.com. And so much more behind-the-scenes work on how my business runs and functions, from accounting systems to inventory control to making production faster and easier.

I am proud of what I have done. And I'm excited and a little bit scared as I set goals and make plans for 2011. I want to add at least 20 retailers. I want to travel to the One of a Kind show in Toronto. I want to triple my website sales. I want to add liquid soap to my product line. And so, so many more things both little and big.

There are some things on my list for 2011 that scare me. There are some that present challenges that I have no idea how to rise to at the moment. I know it will all happen or not happen based on my own perseverance, belief and determination. My sister once told me, while I struggled through a period of massive change in my life, that I was more resourceful than I thought I was. Of course, she was right; I am quite resourceful! This year, I have decided to trust that I will pull through all challenges. I will find ways around all these things that I can't see ways around.

Happy new year, and don't forget to challenge yourself to make what you want happen in your life!

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