lotion bars & scrub bars: my new addiction

In the fall, I released two new products at Dot & Lil. Shower lotion bars, and shower scrub bars. In the holiday season craziness, they never got blogged about or put up on the website. Until now!

Ok so I know I'm the one that makes them, but you guys really have to check these out! I am totally biased, of course. But I have made, used, researched, explored and seen a lot of different bath and body products over the years, both my own and those of others. And these? These are AWESOME. Especially the satsuma lotion bars. Goodness, I am totally addicted to them. Luckily, I have wholesale quantities of them, in my house. How awesome is THAT? I finally listed them on the website yesterday. You can find the scrub bars in oatmeal & honey or grapefruit & bergamot by clicking here and shower lotion bars in satsuma or rosemary & lavender on the website here. Each scent is wrapped in a different color of foil--I'll have to work on getting some better pictures of these.

Both of these products are formulated as solid bars to keep them anhydrous, which means that they don't contain any water. This means I don't need to use a preservative. To read about why Dot & Lil makes only anhydrous products and learn about safe cosmetics preservation, read this past post .

Both the scrub bars and the lotion bars are made with super rich mango butter, avocado oil and luxurious cocoa butter. And the scrub bars have ground apricot kernels and sugar to exfoliate while all those rich butters and oils moisturize. I love the in-shower experience, I love the scents, I love how much time they save me from not having to put lotion on after my shower (time-stressed small business owner here!) and I love the way my skin feels after I use them.

Ok, I think I'm done patting myself on the back for today! Just make sure to keep them somewhere dry and not too warm--cocoa butter can get melty!

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