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I always like to feature my favorite items and artisans when I attend a show, and this past weekend at Puces Pop will be no exception! You can also take a look back in time to see past features of other crafters, artists and artisans I've done here, here and here.

For $34 including postage, I bought a covetable custom name print for Dot & Lil from @BessCallard at English Muffin Shop. Apparently it's ready and has already been put in the mail to me! I'm excited. It should look something like this or the picture below, but in pink and brown and saying Dot & Lil. My friend @genia4real also bought something from English Muffin shop, this map of Canada in pink.

I also spent a minute at Puces Pop peeking at the goodies at the F.Ève table. The patterns and bags are amazing. My favorites? Some of the colorful change purses and clutches below.

Also really liked the Jonie bag, inspired by a halter top and perfect for summer. You can follow F.Ève on twitter as @feve and check out her website at www.f-eve.com.

Right next to my table was Tyson Bodnarchuk, with his Monster-rama alphabet monsters. You can check out his Etsy shop to see the whole Monster-bet and the other monster-related goodness he has going on over there, too.

I spent yet another show coveting the rings made by Joanna Szkiela at Red Sofa. I am a little obsessed with her organic-looking budding sterling silver twig rings and this weekend I tried one on yet again. I love the ones with the stones with all my heart, but just the twigs are beautiful as well. My birthday is coming. Hint hint hint. The rings can be found here.

Lastly, I bought this fantastic clutch from chronic favorite of mine Instant Crimson. I know exactly which dress it's being paired with come spring, too!

Great vendors. Such inspiring people I work alongside, in this frozen city of ours!

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