superhero series--now edited with SoaperHero drawing!

Once a month I'm going to be asking people who use handcrafted bath and body products to design their own, superhero handcrafted product. They will answer two questions and their answers just might inspire a Dot & Lil product, tell a funny story or, who knows, change the world. This month we have @LittleAnimation from The Animated Woman and @MathieuPipe. And as of today and thanks to the incredible drawing talents of @LittleAnimation, we have our superhero series mascot, The SoaperHero! Just look at his Oatmeal-ey, Soap-ey goodness and how handsome he looks in that cape! Now for the questions.

1.What's your favorite handcrafted bath and body product of all time? Not necessarily Dot & Lil--anything! Why was it so great? Specific products are good here, but if the answer is "That squishy blue bar of something, from 3 years ago, from that shop that closed, that smelled like sweet stuff." then that'll do too!

@LittleAnimation : Fave bath product of all time has to be the oatmeal and honey soap from Dot & Lil. It's simple and subtle, sweet and elegant. It lathers perfectly and feels gentle on my skin. I love it. (She loves it so much that she drew it as a SoaperHero! Now that's love, folks.)

@MathieuPipe : Personal favorite is Le Petit Marseillais bar soap, ideally honeysuckle scented. I like the vintage feel of it, the softnes on the skin and the lasting fragrance of it.
2. If you could design one superhero handcrafted bath and body product, realistic or not, what would it be? What would it smell like, feel like, look like? What would it do? Come on, anything!( peace aside...)

@LittleAnimation: My soapy superhero would be...the bar of soap that didn't leave traces on the sink! Woo hoo!

@MathieuPipe : I was going for world peace but since you're being such a party pooper* and calling all the shots we'll have it your way... On that note a superhero-shaped bath product for me would be somewhere between a zoot-suiter and The Shadow, too slick to be caught anywhere, and of course honeysuckle scented because nothing smells better.

*I've decided to remove the world peace constraint for next month's edition of this series, BUT only if people are willing to explain HOW their superhero bath and body product will achieve this. I am NOT a party pooper! Ha.

Thanks guys!

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