flower geek status

Flowers and plants are so connected to what I do, and to Dot & Lil. From the botanicals, plants and flowers distilled into essential oils to scent many of our products, to the botanicals that are added to our bath salts and soaps, Dot & Lil is deeply intertwined with flowers from beginning to end. I definitely embrace this—me and flowers, we get along! I emphasize their relevance in my business by having flower seed planting schedules on my business cards; by posting pictures of whatever gorgeous flowers are in bloom around me; by choosing scents for our products that are true to nature.

My parents are avid gardeners (that's their rose bush below, and cut roses from it). and I have always had plants and flowers and green around me. I’m not really a gardener myself, at least not at the moment, but I know more flower and plant names than your average city dweller. My nature guide father made sure I knew all about bugs, too. I take great satisfaction in knowing these things!

And for me, the really special part about plants and flowers? The scents, of course! Roses. Lilacs. Lillies. Freshly cut grass. Rosemary. Lily of the valley. More roses. Oh, the roses. I never used to be a fan, but for the past 2 years it seems I just can’t get enough of lovely roses, their scent, their flowers, anything about them! I just celebrated this by curating a collection on ArtFire of beautiful handmade Rose things by vaious crafters. Summer is for Roses!

I am pretty generally obsessed with smells, all kind of smells. But flowers? They’re just magical somehow, aren’t they? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, somewhere inside, still think of fairies and magic when confronted with flowers, especially delicate ones.

So, I’m a flower geek, it’s pretty official. How about you? What’s your favourite flower, your favourite scent? And I am alone on the fairy thing, or do you secretly think that too?

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